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Dr Driving Play iPhone, Android and PC

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Dr. Driving Play on iPhone, Pc, iPad, Android

Hello, Dr driving is the most populer game on google play and ios7. As you know dr driving should play on PC. And we did it. I hope you like it on pc game and ipad dr driving play. What is Dr.Driving actually ? Dr . Parking, Dr . Driving back in ! Dr . Translate driving you crazy with the driving pleasure . Dr . Parking version of the series is the fastest and most visually Ready to ignite the streets ? Game Speed ​​, Speed ​​Parking, Highway, Drift , Fuel Efficiency , and available in 6 different episodes , including VIP Escort . Your goal is to fulfill the tasks assigned to you by driving your car as fast as possible and make as much money of earning . You want the money you earn can repair your car , if you want to get yourself a new car . Dr . Driving , provided with the option of 13 different vehicles have managed to appeal to many people's tastes . Futhermore located on the steering wheel, the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal allows you to enjoy a different driving . Great graphics , Dr . Driving , using all rearview mirrors make your ride even more fun . Dr . Login to your account automatically yaparatığınızda Driving'e Facebook ID 100 gold rushes , and it can use for your vehicle . We also share scores with friends via Facebook and Twitter account statement can be accessed online leaderboards and achievements . It's fun to play the game I would recommend to take a few more time . I think you just take your place behind the wheel . Don't forget to rate the game. I hope you like it !